New phone directory

The Community Council would like to produce a new edition of the phone directory but need your permission if you want to be included. We are aware the directory is widely used as a useful resource for the local community, however it is a public document and your details are made available to anyone who purchases the directory. Due to introduction of legislation relating to the use of personal information we need your consent for your details to be printed in the directory. We cannot put any entries into the directory unless we have written consent so unless we get this, your details will not be included in the new edition.

You can complete theĀ  return slip at the bottom of your SeilachanĀ  and leave it in the shop. Alternatively you can email your details to the Community Council secretary, Anne Foster, asking for the details to be included in the directory. Anne’s email address is
We would really wish to encourage people to send in their details as the directory is much appreciated by so many people.