The Secretary of State for the Rural Economy has requested that people stay at home and do not come to rural areas to self-isolate as it could overwhelm local services. Visit Scotland have agreed with this, as have our local MP and most of the Argyll islands community councils and local communities.

A Facebook group has been set up for people to request and offer help during the crisis – Seil Survival. The latest post – our own Seil lockdown singsong – is a fantastic example of community spirit – let’s keep looking after each other. Please use this page responsibly – there are plenty of other places on the internet for a rant.

The latest information from the Community Council can be found on their facebook page HERE.

To play our part this site has shut down the Accommodation directory and other parts of the Business Directory for the duration. We will also be closing the relevant sections of our Oban directory for the duration, and any paid for advertisements on this site will be refunded if requested. The directories  will be restored as soon as life returns to normal. This is my decision as the owner and operator of the site, it is not at the request of the Community Council  – though I hope they will support these moves.

– Nick Bowles