June Seileachan

Seileachan June 2020The latest Seileachan is now available as a PDF – just click the image to view or download. 

The June Seileachan contains news from the Community Council and a note about issues concerning the golf course – especially dog fouling. Also the May and June Lottery results. If you prefer to read it in-page there is a transcription below:


Seil & Easdale Community Council Newsletter

Vol. 24 No. 2 www.seil.oban.ws June 2020

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Although there could be no public meeting at the end of May, your Community Councillors are constantly in touch (remotely, of course) and we had invited people to contact us with any concerns or items to raise. Here are the issues identified:

Coronavirus update
We hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected in these very strange times, and please remember that help is at hand if you need it. Zim and Steve continue to help with deliveries of shopping and prescriptions, and of course Wendy and her team of helpers are doing a fantastic job supporting the community. Details of other help available is posted on our Facebook page and there is also lots of information on the Argyll & Bute website – just click on the Coronavirus banner.  

Buses and Coaches at Ellenabeich
As previously reported, we are grateful to all concerned for the agreement which enables the service bus to turn in the former Highland Arts car park for two years from April 2020. However, a long-term solution is needed, and provision is alsosought for tourist coaches. The Community Council would support any proposal that is feasible and would not attract significant opposition from local residents. We have now received a suggestion that the grassed area at Ellenabeich be used for bus/coach turning and short-term parking, but using grasscrete blocks to address concerns which had been raised about the loss of this green area – see https://www.grasscrete.com/docs/paving/ grassblock.html * PLEASE GIVE US YOUR VIEWS on this proposal.

We would like to thank the crews for doing a fantastic job in keeping this vital service going at such a difficult time. The recycling centre at Moleigh is now open, but please read the guidelines on the CC Facebook page before going as there are limitations on what people can take.

New Wastewater Treatment Works Status: awaiting decision
Full details of Argyll & Bute Council’s Planning Application Report and Report of Handling are available on the Argyll & Bute Planning website. The recommendation is that Members: i. Agree to a hearing prior to formal determination

  1. Agree to a hearing prior to formal determination
  2. Endorse the findings of the ACE (Area Capacity Evaluation)
  3. Determine that Planning Permission should be granted subject to conditions.

Footpaths & Sea Access
We received a suggestion to pursue funding for footpaths in light of the UK Government’s Cycling & Walking Investment Strategy. The CC are considering this as a future agenda item.

Road Safety
The CC has received many messages and emails regarding speeding on the island, in particular at Clachan Seil where a 30 MPH limit is in place. As an interim measure the CC will purchase some signs for Clachan Seil. As with the ones at Balvicar, these will be moved from time to time to help people to notice them more often, and hopefully slow down. Whilst the CC have some ideas about further efforts to address this issue, we would welcome ideas and suggestions from residents.

A resident has reported to the CC that knotweed is present in the woodland opposite Alma Cottage. We would like to remind landowners that they are responsible for eliminating knotweed if it is on their property.

Please do not trap rabbits and release them in another location as this just creates difficulties for others. Ideas welcomed for how to manage this problem.

Roads & Bridges
We have been advised that Clachan Bridge had an inspection in March 2019 and no weight restriction is recommended. The next inspection is due in 2021. Kilninver Bridge is inspected more regularly, following repairs carried out in 2011. No movement outwith seasonal tolerances has been detected, but the bridge continues to be monitored regularly due to its importance in the network.

Following concerns from local residents, the CC responded to Prior Notification AGRICULTURE ref 20/00618/PNAGRI Erection of agricultural building, Oban Seil Farm. Full details, including the Community Council’s response, are on the Argyll & Bute planning portal.

CC AGM – to be held at future date (tbc).

 Community Council By-Election
This would have been held in May but has been postponed; we will advise once we have a date. Please consider standing. If you care about what goes on in the community, and want to know more about being a community councillor, please just ask!

SSEN Grant
The CC applied to Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) for a grant to support the community through Covid-19 and were delighted to be awarded £1,550. So far we have delivered a small gift, card and artwork produced by local children to members of the Lunch Club, and we are arranging activity boxes for children as well as help in printing school materials. We want to support as many sections of the community as possible so please contact the CC if you know of a local initiative that could benefit.

The hall committee can now make electronic payments both to businesses and individuals – including lottery winners. This is a purely voluntary option but may be easier for many people, especially during the present crisis. Lottery winners this year will be contacted to check their preferences. More details, if required, from John Colston at email hidden; JavaScript is required

May Lottery winners

 £50 Ruth Brittain-Dodd

£10 Geordie Lawson, Bob MacMahon, Mary Philips

June Lottery winners

£50 Bridget McGregor

£10 John Wilson, George Houston, John Chrostan


The Isle of Seil Golf Course reopened on Friday 29 May 2020 under phase 1 of Scottish Government and Public Health Scotland Corona Covid 19 easing of lockdown procedures. All golfers and walkers on the course are advised to adhere to these measures on physical distancing and safe conduct. Please be aware of the danger of being hit by a ball. Our volunteer greenkeepers and members are keeping the course in excellent condition. The wooden bridge has been repaired and painted. New members are welcome, but in this initial period we are not allowing visitors and will not be running competitions.

We are grateful for the income from Supporter Members. Beginner Adult and Junior Coaching one-to-one may be available. Please contact Mary Phillips (300475) or secretary, Pat Mill, at email hidden; JavaScript is required (300087).

During the course closure, walkers and greenkeepers have noticed increased amounts of dog fouling. These faeces create a serious Public Health problem. All faeces contain bacteria eg Salmonella, E.coli and Campylobacter (even in healthy dogs) which can cause gastrointestinal upsets if ingested. The greatest health risk from dog faeces to humans is Toxocariasis. The roundworm parasite eggs responsible for Toxocariasis can survive in sand or soil for many months. Transmission to humans from bacteria and parasites is easy from a disseminated pile of faecal material on lawnmower blades, soles of shoes, and balls and can be transmitted by flies and direct contamination of hands. All dogs on the golf course should be watched and on a lead.

All dog faeces must be cleared up by the dog walker, placed in a bag and disposed of in a rubbish bin. Argyll & Bute Council are aware of this public health risk from dog fouling. All walkers and golfers are asked to be vigilant and may report any witnessed dog fouling to the police. If this dog fouling persists dogs will no longer be allowed to be walked on the golf course.