Community Council now quorate

Following an uncontested by-election on 28th June we now have 8 members of Seil & Easdale Community Council:

  • Seumas Anderson
  • Yowan Byghan
  • Julie Ferris
  • John Gordon
  • Guy Knight
  • Nina MacLean
  • Stephen Patterson
  • Rhoda Thomson

Bus Turning Circle Ellenabeich

A bus turning proposal for Ellenabeich being considered by Argyll and Bute Council. Until a final proposal is agreed (and it might not be the one illustrated) an interim bus turning proposal needs to be found to keep the bus service running into Ellenabeich. Several options are being considered.

One current proposal involves the piece of ground currently forming part of the ‘mini-golf’ course. You can see this in the documents linked to  below:

 Proposed bus turning circle – aerial view      
  Proposed bus turning circle – plan view