Seil Island Community Hall – Coronavirus

Following the Prime Minister’s press conference and First Minister’s statement this afternoon, the Hall Trustees have decided to close the Hall for all events, meetings and club/group activities until further notice. The Hall will remain accessible for maintenance/cleaning, etc.

Furthermore, the Trustees have decided, reluctantly, to close the Play Park until further notice. Since the Play Park is very popular, there is a real risk of transfer of virus by contact with the equipment, which could not be sanitised effectively, and by the interaction of small children and families which might detract from the social distancing that is required at this time. The playing field will be available to all for walking and general play, but any activity should be limited to a small number maintaining a safe distance between individuals (greater than 2m). The goal posts will remain out of service until further notice.

The next Hall Committee Meeting on April 5th will not take place. Instead we will endeavour to find a way to continue to do business virtually by email or other means, so that we can inform clubs and other users of the financial situation and any other developments. The Lottery will continue to be drawn and results announced. Await further detail on this in the coming week or so.

The situation changes daily and we will keep you informed of any further changes as we become aware of them.